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ASPIRE was created by Sam Poolman after many years of aspiration to develop a program like this. Its focus is on helping the next generation of athletes develop their skills and pathways to a future in Netball.

“After spending years in Adelaide playing for the Thunderbirds l spent a lot of time within the community and with Clubs/Associations. Whilst always connecting with players and people within the community with the same passion for the game l always thought how lucky they were to have the opportunity to work with professional players in their home state.

At the end of 2016 l returned home to the Hunter Region and decided l was going to put my spare time back into the Netball in the community. After many meetings with the Hunter Academy of Sport ASPIRE Netball was bought to life.”

Launching in August 2017, the Hunter Academy of Sport and some invited athletes started the 10-week intensive ASPIRE Netball program with the aim to prepare for Netball NSW state selections and 2018 Hunter Academy of Sport selections. In 2018 ASPIRE netball is delivered once a month over a six month period. Offered to only Hunter Academy of Sport selected athletes this is a unique opportunity for these athletes that no other Academy athletes receive. A chance to up skill and take their game both on and off court to the next level.

With the success of ASPIRE Netball another program was launched for young ages, called ASPIRE Development. This program gives athletes from 11-15 years an opportunity to enhance and develop their skills as a netballer. The program is hosted by an Association in the Hunter Region which allows Sam provide access to a program they may otherwise have to travel to participate in.

The last part of program is an exciting new project launched in 2018, ASPIRE strive. This program is a 6-month program and selected off application and interest. It is opportunity to take the athletes both on and off court to the next level. To have access to Sam over the six months is invaluable!

Want an opportunity to be apart of an ASPIRE program? Click one of the programs below to find out more and register or CLICK HERE!

ASPIRE netball
ASPIRE strive
ASPIRE development